May 10, 2024

The thinnest gold leaf as thick as only one atom.

Scientists have created the world’s thinnest gold leaf, which is just a single atom thick, dubbed “goldene”. To make goldene, the team employed a 100-year-old technique used by Japanese iron smiths to isolate single layers of the precious metal. Goldene is the latest 2D material…Read More

April 24, 2024

Fool’s gold.

Fool’s gold not completely worthless. There’s real gold inside. Scientists figure out how to squeeze real gold out of pyrite. Would you be tricked into thinking these shiny nuggets of pyrite were real gold. It turns out that fool’s gold may not be so useless…Read More

April 8, 2024

Gold prices can scale even greater heights in 2024.

Economic downturns, persistent inflation, heightened geopolitical risks and accelerated climate warnings being among the most impactful-it is no surprise that gold enjoyed one of its most bullish years in recent times. Long considered a safe-haven asset during times of heightened uncertainty and volatility, the yellow…Read More

March 21, 2024

A protective layer applied to gold nanoparticles can boost its resilience by University of Tokyo.

Researchers strike gold with improved catalyst Thiol and organic polymer protection are two existing ways to add resilience to gold nanoparticles. For the first time, researchers including those at the University of Tokyo have discovered a way to improve the durability of gold catalysts by…Read More

March 9, 2024

Gold prices.

Gold prices settled at a record high Friday after briefly topping $2,200 for the first ever as growing optimism on major central banks dropping the axe on interest rates in the coming months and ongoing geopolitical tensions in high demand. Gold futures for April delivery…Read More

February 22, 2024

Meteorite iron identified in Bronze Age gold hoard.

Analysis of two iron objects in the Treasure of Villena, the Bronze Age gold hoard discovered in southeastern Spain in 1963, have identified the metal as meteorite iron. The treasure is the largest and most important Bronze Age hoard ever found in the Iberian Peninsula,…Read More

February 13, 2024

1,500-year-old gold buckles depicting ruler ‘majestically sitting on a throne’ discovered in Kazakhstan.

The ornaments contain the earliest known depiction of a Göktürk “khagan,” who probably lived in the sixth century. Some of the details on the best-preserved plaque have melted, but it shows a Göktürk khagan seated on a throne that represents two horses, flanked by kneeling…Read More

February 1, 2024

Will gold replace paper money?

The rising importance of saving, investing in gold. The earliest history of human interaction with gold is long lost, but its association with rareness, wealth and purity remains to this day. “Ancient Egyptians used to believe gold was a divine metal that is immortal in…Read More

January 20, 2024

Bronze Age tombs laden with gold and precious stones .

The obvious wealth of the tombs was based on the local production of copper, which was in great demand at the time to make bronze. Among the grave goods are headbands made from gold and embossed with images of bulls, gazelles, lions and flowers. The…Read More

January 6, 2024

Why is gold so soft?

Gold is the most malleable element, but what’s the science behind it? An artisan applies a gold leaf to wood by using the “guazzo” technique, burnishing the gold leaf with an agate. Gold is the most malleable element, according to Mike Bullivant, a chemist at…Read More