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It seems that, like a hundred and fifty years ago, the famous gold rush is coming to Australia again. However, the chance to get rich now is not as big as for the common people as it is for larger, bigger companies. With that, it is including the flagship of the company .

Representatives of the Department of Geological Science of the State of Victoria reported that in the area bounded by Ballarat, Bendigo and Beechworth, which is not so far from Melbourne, gold reserves of about 2.200-2.300 tons were found. The 19th century and in the 80s of the 20th century, when the detector for prospectors was invented. Therefore, the ground, especially on the territory of the “Golden Triangle”, is turned upside down thoroughly and more than once. Gold is widely distributed over the earth’s surface.

Natural gold is found in solid rock masses ores or in broken rocks placers. In the first case, it is called ore, and in the second-alluvial gold. Placers are usually found in river valleys, streams or dry logs and form more or less powerful layers, covered with a layer of waste rock, the so-called peat.

Gold is in placers in the form of pieces, scales, grains and dust, sometimes there are pieces of considerable size, which are called nuggets by the name of .

“The oldest form of investment in the new brilliance.”

In conditions of economic instability gold bullion has always attracted the attention of investors.

Unlike other more profitable assets, gold is the least exposed to any kind of political and financial risks and, undoubtedly, remains the most reliable means for the preservation of your savings and retirement insurance for old age. World renowned experts and consultants recommend that from 10% to 20% of the capital be kept in gold.

Free money is invested in gold by all-states,financial corporations, manufacturing enterprises and individuals. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to convert part of your money into cash, physical gold bullion. The security of an investment in physical gold lies in the security of this rare, indestructible, historically valuable asset. In conditions of economic instabilitygold bullion has always attracted the attention of investors.

“Everyone looks at gold as a barometer of wealth all over the world.”

Gold International Reserves


USA 8.133 tons

Italy 2.452 tons

France 2.437 tons

India 797 tons

China 2.265 tons

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The largest solid piece of gold that was ever found, weighed about 90 kilograms, it was found in Australia. 75% of all gold mined on the planet was mined after 1910. Gold is a rarity compared to diamonds
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Gold is always money, and money is not always gold, at any given moment this money can become plain paper.
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The exact weight of a troy ounce is 31.1034768 grams.
Currently, the Troy ounce is used as the main measure in the trading of precious metals.
In stock quotes, the symbol X is used to denote it: XAU is gold.
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Gold is a noble yellow metal, chemical element with atomic number 79. It is denoted by the symbol Au. the subject of human lust at all times, the measure of value, a symbol of wealth and power. Unlike iron or, for example, aluminum, gold on Earth is very small. Throughout its history, mankind has mined gold as much as it mines iron in one day .
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German scientists have calculated that in order for the volume of gold present today to be brought to Earth, only 160 metal asteroids were needed, each about 20 km in diameter. Experts note that the geological analysis of various noble metals shows that they all appeared on our planet at about the same time, but on the Earth itself there were no conditions for their natural origin. That is what prompted experts to the space theory of the appearance of gold on the planet.
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The risk of investing in gold is zero.
Gold is always a solid product choice that can be easily converted into money.